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A New Future for all Texans, Insight into how I will Lead


     My plans will not consist of perfunctory work in the United States Senate; in fact, these plans will set the stage for retired, working citizens, who either own property or homes, to take their rightful place in guiding our nation and the State of Texas into the twenty-first century at the county level. Please, never forget that our standard of living and quality of life unfold where we choose to live, not Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas.

     I will pursue a multifaceted agenda that entails not only establishing Skills Fund Legislation for all 3,142 counties, county equivalents, the District of Columbia, and territories of the Unites States but also deal with the Internal Revenue Service on matters concerning exclusionary income. It is important that we, as a nation, encourage “social good” through investing in skilled vocational trades by allowing up to $50,000 in educational investment profits a year. I will also seek a special privilege in exclusionary income for Texans who choose to pay health insurance premiums for the disadvantaged in their counties. Remember, Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the United States, this is a way to benefit both the advantaged and disadvantaged.

     The main goal of my Skills Fund Legislation is twofold: insure all two-hundred fifty-four counties in Texas will be ready when funding is in place and position other states’ counties to follow our lead. I will also be in continuous dialogue with Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick about moving ahead of the Skills Fund Legislation in Washington, D.C. by passing a state law, funding each county three million dollars every legislative session through the Rainy-Day Fund. All two hundred fifty-four counties' will be responsible for shoring up the Skills Fund in their county.

     The big picture is to move toward equality the honorable way; give both the advantaged and disadvantaged dignity in this process. We will facilitate exceptional growth far beyond what we can imagine in our people by involving our county residents, who are property-homeowners, to bestow their knowledge and wisdom upon who they choose to invest their disposable savings. It is not attractively suitable for capitalism to be involve in giving societies’ three pillars away, education, healthcare, and retirement. But, to involve property-homeowners in the process and allow for personal security with incentives will transform the whole paradigm.  

     We will not reach our full potential to rid ourselves of social ills, such as inequality in education, environmental- carbon emissions issues, poverty, healthcare unaffordability, retirement funding inadequacies, without a serious commitment to investment in personal security and incentives that push established county residents to make life better for their communities. Take a serious look at My Vision, My Plan for the Counties of Texas and Funding Plan for all 3,142 counties in the United States.


                                                            Give me a chance to make things right,

                                                                        Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.

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